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Number Of Tracnuts In Package

upTOP tracNUT

This drop-in solution allows you to attach gear, plates, and Pelican™ style cases to your load bars. The Stainless steel hardware will weather the storm and allow you to configure your rack any way you want it.

The tracNUT features a ball bearing on the bottom side to hold it in place during installation for the perfect alignment and also keeps the tracNUT in place should you need to remove a mount later.

This hardware does NOT require you to disassemble the rack in any way. Simply roll the tracNUT into the load bar slot and position it where you want it. 

Available in packs of 1, 4, 10 and 20.


  • tracNUT
  • 16mm m6x1.00 Fastener
  • lock washer 
  • flat washer
Not Included

- Loadbars

Additional Specifications

Weight 0.009 lbs
Dimensions .63 × .386 × .253 in
#304 Stainless Steel


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