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TRUSS RamBox Compatible Bed Rack

TRUSS RamBox Compatible Bed Rack

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TRUSS Height

TRUSS RamBox Compatible Bed Rack

With a roomy truck bed the Class-Exclusive available RamBox® Cargo Management System is a unique storage system. At upTOP we developed a bed rack that allows you to maintain full use of your RamBox that is ready to hold a roof top tent, lumber, kayaks, bikes, and more. Offered in both mid height (11") for keeping cargo loads below the roof line, and 22" to clear the cab you can select the right height bed rack for your needs.

All upTOP TRUSS systems come complete with load bearing armor plates for both sides that are pre-drilled in the perfect locations for mounting all your adventure and recovery gear. You'll find provisions for Maxtrax, Rotopax, Quick Fists, and Waterports. There are enough slots to allow you to attach just about anything else you can drum up a reason to take into the great unknown! 

 iKAMPERs require specific brackets, please call for details.

TRUSS HEIGHT  (Measured from bed rail to top of load bar.)
Mid Height = 11.5"
Full Height = 22.5" 

Note: The TRUSS systems mounts to the factory cargo rails inside your Ram's truck bed. Please make sure you have the proper cargo rails installed prior to the TRUSS bed rack.  Ram's OEM Rambox rails have two slots in them. One facing the inside of the bed and one facing the sky. They are usually raw aluminum/silver in color. You will use both slots for attachment of the TRUSS bed rack.  If you do not have the exact pictured rails, the provided feet will not work with you truck. Please reach out as needed for clarification and factory rail part numbers can be provided so you can order them from Mopar if needed. 



  • (6) TRUSS Legs
  • (6) Steel Mounting Feet
  • (4) Side Armor Plates
  • (3) 2" X 2" Load Bars
  • (1) All required fasteners, washers, lock nuts, and spacers are included in the kit.

Not Included
- RETRAX bed cover, upTOP eX Overland Rack, Lighting, Maxtrax Mounts as well as anything not listed above.

Currently all load bearing armor plates and all units will ship stealth black. For custom offerings on finish contact us via the link on our homepage and a specialist will work with you to accommodate color requests.

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