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iKamper RTT Comfort 5082

iKamper RTT Comfort 5082

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RTT Comfort 5082

Sleep as well in your tent as in your bed at home. Self-inflating air mattress designed to perfectly fit iKamper Skycamp Mini 2.0/3.0.SPECIFICATIONS

Ultimate Comfort

iKamper's self-inflating mattress designed specifically for roof top tents. The RTT Comfort uses both air and open-cell foam to offer 4" of optimal loft and heat retention. Available in 5 sizes that fit our roof top tents perfectly and replace the existing mattress (or a number of other RTTs). These self-inflating mattresses fit all current and new tent models or other configurations of similar sizes.

Easy Access

The inflate/deflate valve is on top of the mattress, making it easily accessible
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The RTT Comfort is thinner than most standard RTT mattresses when deflated, allowing for extra gear storage inside your tent when closed.

Download the Installation Instructions

Type Self-Inflating Mattress Pad
Insulation Type

Open Cell Foam

Top Material

Microfiber Brushed Honeycomb

Body Material
75D Poly
4" / 10cm
Repair Kit
Stuff Sack
Skycamp Main Panel & Skycamp 2X

78" x 50" x 4"

Skycamp Extension Panel

73" x 32" x 4"

Skycamp Mini

50" x 82" x 4"


69" x 44" x 4"

X-Cover Mini

50" x 87" x 4"


Skycamp models (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) will have separate RTT Comforts for the Main Panel as well as the Extension Panel. X-Cover models (1.0, 2.0) will require two RTT Comforts due to their book fold design. Skycamp 2X, Skycamp Minis, and X-Cover Minis only require one RTT Comfort.

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