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iKamper Insulation Liner

iKamper Insulation Liner

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This product will not work as a stand alone tent. This product requires a roof top tent and acts as a removable "sock" that helps to retain heat inside the tent in cold climates.


No Matter the Weather

Love spending time outdoors and camping through wind, rain, and snow at any temperature? This quilted tent liner blocks drafts of air and retains body heat for cozy nights in your iKamper RTT. Takes less than five minutes to install and grants better insulation instantly.

If you chase the Northern Lights or camp in your roof top tent long into the off-season, this kit is the perfect addition to your iKamper to make it a true four season home away from home. 


Dimensions (Skycamp Series) 78.75” x 80.75” x 41”
Dimensions (Skycamp 2X Series)

78.75” x 49” x 49”

Dimensions (Skycamp Mini Series)

47” x 88.5” x 42.5”

Dimensions (X-Cover Series)

67” x 88.5” x 42.5”

Fabric Material

5s Polycotton Quilting

Installation Instructions

Download the Insulation Tent Manual


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