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Yankum Ropes

Tree Strap 3"x 8'

Tree Strap 3"x 8'

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Our Tree Strap is the bees knees! Made from heavy duty 2 ply Polyester (not actually bees knees) and then fully encased in protective Cordura Chafe Sleeve from eye to body. It's ready to grip tight onto the barkiest bark.

At 8 ft long, it's small enough for your winch/recovery bag but perfect to wrap around almost any tree and give it the tight cuddle it's been looking for all those years.

 A must have for any recovery gear bag!

Specs based on 5:1 Factor of Safety:  

MTS of 46,500 lbs.  

Vertical Config WLL: 9,300 lbs

Choker Config WLL: 7,440 lbs

Basket Config WLL: 18,600 lbs

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