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Zulu Toyota 2G/3G Tacoma Cap Rack

Zulu Toyota 2G/3G Tacoma Cap Rack

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Zulu Toyota 2G/3G Tacoma Cap Rack

Introducing the eX ZULU roof rack - a revolutionary new design that's taking the overland gear world by storm. This bad boy boasts the first large-scale production stainless steel roof rack body in the industry, ensuring a sturdy frame that keeps your gear ready for action without any annoying vibration, flex, or noise.

Laser Cut. Precision Formed. A perfect fit.

But we didn't stop there. The eX ZULU also looks great, with a precise fit and finish that's unparalleled in the industry. We used advanced 3D modeling, stress analysis, and top-notch design software to make sure it's the best of the best.

So much storage...

And let's talk about storage. This thing has a ton of it! Whether you're outfitting your cap/topper or need a platform on top of your TRUSS bed rack, the eX ZULU has got you covered. It boasts increased load capacity and smart locations for attaching your critical gear, and the included mating system lets you extend the load platform over the entire vehicle.

We've also added adjustable cross bars and ergonomic grab handles, so you can make the most of your truck bed and carry all your rooftop tents, water tanks, and storage boxes with ease.

And if you're worried about installation, don't be.

We've made it easy with our optional scenePOD side lighting and hand-made quickWIRE harnesses that you can install yourself - no expensive workshops necessary.

The scenePOD and quickWIRE products are optional accessories. NOT INCLUDED with eX ZULU roof rack.

How to order the eX ZULU...

Just select the option above that fits your needs.

"I want to mount to a cap/topper" means that you will be installing the rack onto a camper shell, cap, or topper depending on what area of the country you are from. Your topper needs to have cargo tracks installed onto the cap prior to the eX ZULU roof rack. These tracks are found on most toppers but ARE NOT INCLUDED with an eX ZULU roof rack. If you don't have them you will need to source them prior to installing your new rack. If you need assistance in getting the right cargo tracks for your topper feel free to reach out to our support team and they can assist to make sure you find the right product for your topper. Be advised that the purchase of an eX ZULU roof rack DOES NOT INCLUDE a camper shell, cap, or topper. 

"I want to mount to a TRUSS/Bed Rack" means that you will be installing the rack onto an upTOP TRUSS bed rack of some variety and you should already have that TRUSS bed rack installed onto your vehicle prior to installing the eX ZULU roof rack. Be advised that the purchase of an eX ZULU roof rack DOES NOT INCLUDE a TRUSS bed rack of any sort.

The eX Zulu roof racks for the 2/3G Toyota Tacoma are available in the following lengths:

Short bed variant is 65.00" Long

Long bed variant is 72.00" Long

If you intend to utilize an awning or shower on your ZULU roof rack please see our line of Rapid Release brackets for ZULU roof racks. ZULU roof racks are not compatible with the upTOP Shade brackets or similar products.






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